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The state of the art facility operates under the guidelines and requirements of the Ministry of the Environment.


A division of Independent Cremation Group Ltd.

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License# 4727126-2

Crematorium By-Laws

These by-laws are the rules and regulations that govern EVERGREEN CREMATORIUM, a division of Independent Cremation Group Ltd. (the “Crematorium”) and have been approved by its Board of Directors. These by-laws are in compliance with the provisions of the Funeral Burial and Cremation Services Act, 2002, and of the regulations thereto (collectively, the “Act”).


1.       Until changed by its Board of Directors, the hours of operation of the Crematorium shall be as follows:

Monday to Friday – 7AM to 11PM

Saturday – 7AM to 5PM

Sundays and Statutory Holidays – Rarely. Only with special circumstances 10AM to 4PM

2.       Identification of the deceased person shall be made by a licensed funeral establishment or transfer service prior to the delivery of the deceased person to the Crematorium.

3.       Before cremation can take place, the following documents must be completed, delivered to the Crematorium office, signed by the proper authority, and approved by the Crematorium:

a.        A cremation contract;

b.       A coroner’s certificate; and

c.        A burial permit.

4.       A deceased person shall only be received for cremation in a fully combustible casket or container deemed appropriate by the Crematorium, and with a top, four sides and a solid bottom allowing the casket or container encasing the human remains to be moved by using a set of rollers.

5.       Once received by Crematorium personnel, the casket or container will remain closed unless permission is given by the purchaser, order of a judge of a court of competent jurisdiction, allowing the licensed funeral director contracted by the purchaser to open the casket or container.  Under no circumstances will Crematorium staff be allowed to open the casket or container.  The deceased person will be cremated in the delivered casket or container, which must be made of fully combustible materials.  All non-combustible parts on the outside of the casket or container will be removed prior to cremation, if possible.

6.       Cremation always takes place in the closed casket or container in which the remains are received by the Crematorium.

7.        The Crematorium will not cremate a casket or container constructed of non-flammable or hazardous material or a material prescribed by the regulations under the Act, nor will the Crematorium cremate a body in which a pacemaker or other prescribed device is present.  The foregoing does not limit the right of the Crematorium to refuse to cremate, in any instance, and without assigning reasons.

8.       The Crematorium will not under any circumstances cremate an individual with a radioactive implant, or an individual who has received microscopic radioactive devices could explode during the cremation process, and must be removed by the funeral establishment or transfer service operator, or others authorized to do so, before the deceased person is delivered to the Crematorium for cremation.  The purchaser of the cremation services will be liable for any damages to the Crematorium or Crematorium staff for failure to notify the funeral establishment or transfer service, or any others responsible for the removal of such a device.

9.       Twelve (12) working hours-notice is required to be given to the Crematorium if relatives and friends wish to view the cremation process.  A limited number of observers will be allowed in the Crematorium before or during a cremation.  Access can be denied by the Crematorium staff.

10.    Stainless steel Identification tags must be placed with the human remains throughout all the stages of the cremation process.

11.    Without the written and signed consent of the purchaser of the cremation services, the Crematorium is prohibited from:

a.        Cremating the remains of more than one person at once;

b.       Co-mingling cremated remains.

12.    The cremated remains will be placed in a temporary cremation container which will be furnished by the Crematorium without additional charge.  The cremated remains will be provided to the funeral establishment or transfer service following cremation unless the Crematorium receives written instructions satisfactory to the Crematorium respecting the disposition of the cremated remains by the Company.


AODA – Provision of Goods and Services to People with Disabilities Policy Statement.

Evergreen Crematorium (Independent Cremation Group Ltd.) is committed to the provision of goods and services to people with disabilities in a manner consistent with the principles of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity.

Furthermore, such goods and services will be provided in accordance with the spirit and intent of all applicable legislation including the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disability Act (AODA), the Integrated Accessibility Standards Regulation (IASR) which includes standards for Customer Service, Information and Communications, Employment, Transportation, and Built Environment, the Ontario Human Rights Code (OHRC), the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Ontario Building Code Act.


230 Ontario St. South
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A division of Independent Cremation Group Ltd.
License #CR-05278 (4727126-2)