About Us

Evergreen Crematorium has been in operation since 2003 and is located on the grounds of Milton Evergreen Cemetery. Recent expansion of the crematorium was completed in July 2011. Evergreen Crematorium is the largest provider of Cremation services in Ontario serving Milton, Hamilton, Niagara and the greater Southwestern regions of Ontario.


To connect the personal care of the local funeral home to modern cremation services.

Few things are as important as compassionate, professional care for a family after they’ve experienced the loss of a loved one. Such loss stops us in our tracks and can quickly overwhelm us as we work through the process of honouring a life. There is immediacy around the decisions and details of funeral services and a trusted guide is invaluable on the journey.

A crematorium that understands the need for personal care is one that recognizes that the local, family-owned funeral home is best equipped to support you with everything you need, when you need it most. They are owned and staffed by people from your community that you know and trust and they want to serve you every step of the way.

Evergreen Crematorium was established by 30 independent local funeral homes to ensure their vision for exceptional and comforting personal care would extend to the cremation services they offered. Serving families in Ontario’s golden horseshoe region the crematory has a private chapel for ceremonies and is surrounded by a beautiful and well-kept cemetery in Milton. Each establishment is ready to support and guide families that seek out Evergreen’s services.

This innovative coalition invested in modern equipment for the crematory and keep it well-maintained in order to provide timely cremation services at affordable prices. Families benefit from these and a meticulous documentation process, gaining flexibility to plan their end-of-life ceremonies and peace of mind that their loved one is cared for properly and with dignity. It is not uncommon for cremation to take a week or more and pricing can be prohibitive.

Evergreen is also keenly committed to technology with the goal of serving families and communities even better in the future. Specifically, the crematory is pursuing research towards “clean cremation” in order to improve the process environmentally without sacrificing the respect and dignity of the deceased.

When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, being cared for without disruption or stress helps to provide an holistic and meaningful end-of-life experience. Trusting that every detail is accounted for, that pricing is fair and that things will unfold in a timely manner are gifts in a time of significant need. Together, Evergreen and your local funeral establishment will partner seamlessly to be your trusted guide to cremation with care.

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A division of Independent Cremation Group Ltd.
License #CR-05278 (4727126-2)