Crematorium Services

Evergreen Crematorium provides services for standard and oversize cremations. We also have an on-site Chapel for services as well as a viewing window for witnessing.

For Infant Cremations (Stillborn to 1 year old) there is no charge for cremation services.

~ All above prices include the $10.00 licencing fee ~

Additional Service

Scheduled Hold – $105
24 Hour Rush – $105
Witness Fee – $200

Evergreen Crematorium has a remote start in the Chapel for those who wish to take part in the process.

There is no charge for the family to follow a Funeral Home vehicle to the Crematorium. Please notify Evergreen Crematorium office if a follow-out is required by the family.

Ask your Funeral Care Professional about scheduled times for cremations, family follow-outs to crematorium and witnessing services.

Applicable taxes apply to all listed items above. Please call the Crematorium for clarification of fees.

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